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Govinda hit and flop movie list

Govinda hit and flop movie list :->Govinda, a well-known Bollywood actor, has had a mix of hit and flop movies throughout his career. Here’s a list of some of Govinda’s hit and flop movies:

Govinda hit and flop movie list

Hit Movies:

  1. Coolie No. 1 (1995)
  2. Hero No. 1 (1997)
  3. Raja Babu (1994)
  4. Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (1998)
  5. Dulhe Raja (1998)
  6. Haseena Maan Jaayegi (1999)
  7. Partner (2007)
  8. Biwi No. 1 (1999)
  9. Sajan Chale Sasural (1996)
  10. Deewana Mastana (1997)

Flop Movies:

  1. Joru Ka Ghulam (2000)
  2. Jis Desh Mein Ganga Rehta Hain (2000)
  3. Chalo Ishq Ladaaye (2002)
  4. Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karen (2005)
  5. Do Knot Disturb (2009)
  6. Money Hai Toh Honey Hai (2008)
  7. Rajaji (1999)
  8. Ssukh (2005)
  9. Pardesi Babu (1998)
  10. Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya (2001)

Please note that the perception of a movie being a hit or a flop can vary based on different factors such as box office collections, critical acclaim, and audience response. Additionally, Govinda’s movies are known for their entertainment value, and even some movies that might not have been box office successes are still enjoyed by his fans for his comedic and energetic performances

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